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The devil is in the detail

Updated: Nov 2, 2022

And the devil is masquerading as a horrifying spreadsheet and you don't know where to start.

Start here

😈 Dig into the detail.

😈 Find the patterns in your stock and sales and supply.

😈 Know what you have to sell and what you can supply and at what prices.

😈 Understand what you have sold already and what it is costing you.

If you need a sparring partner for quick injection of support with your analytics you are in the right place but what if like many emerging brands you don't have a business analyst and sales office support team? Then we have some great news, this week we have announced a new venture Happy Good Buys - helping smaller collections compete by giving you access to people with the skills.

Peaceful person dressed as ghost in a blank white sheet standing outside in a rural environment
We love this image by Tandem X Visuals that we found on Unsplash. Peace and love to all the spreadsheet champions who can work with a blank sheet and the devil in the detail.


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