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Your data mystery solved with experienced practitioners

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Experienced specialists in adopting technology, providing workshops and assisting business users to utilise the potential of advanced technology with better data.

For data cataloguing and connecting important elements of your business language processing we have designed engaging workshops with Dionisa Joseph Mattam. Gathering, organising and future proofing data has never been designed to be so delightful.


When re-platforming, and migrating data to new data repositories, our values align with Virage Concepts Limited . Data that is usable, accurate and safe, that's where IT's at for realising the value of your data. 

Technical experts who can connect, engineer and build systems to enhance your business performance.

Specialising in Power BI Zekibi are our Go To team for visualising your data. Dashboards you can trust, that look good and can be used to stimulate meaningful activity that drives profitable activity. What is not like?

For all technical stacks (modern, old and futuristic) we can introduce you to the worlds finest engineers. Data engineers embracing the possibilities of building on cloud architecture who are responsibly and leading the way with technology for delivering value.

Kind and caring associates who understand the importance of embracing technology and the impact it has on communication and how you do business. 

Communication backed up with data is where insights become actionable. We have some great events coming up in collaboration with Whetstone Communications making data readable. Check out our events page.

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