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Something we've been keeping under our lid

Updated: Oct 10, 2022

That we are now ready to share :)

Dee, the founder of Lifestyle Virtual Assistants and Jenny, the founder of ivity are creating something special...

Bored with over-supplied, lacklustre collections and buying products online that have not lived up to expectations, Jenny and Dee have decided to bravely go where fewer and fewer people can afford to go. Supporting small and growing collections to bring their brands to wider online markets and reach more customers. Here is what we do and it's pretty special :

  • We will understand your products, your business operations and what makes your product special so that we can support you in connecting with your customers.

  • We will help you design and implement enjoyable admin routines that allow you to keep you products in front of a wide and growing audience.

  • We will take the stress out of managing your costs, your stock levels, listing new items and designing a frictionless customer experience with all the available technology. We will help you replenish with confidence.

  • We will help you make your social media enjoyable and rewarding.

  • We will also help connect complementary brands to bring gift ranges together and list your products on our shopping sites where you can be sure you own the relationship with your customer and you don't lose connection with you customers.

Let's supply better and make more Happy Good Buys Contact us today

Dee and Jenny

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