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Step into Data Walking Challenge

Computers are creative spaces but nothing beats the great outdoors

Lynzie and Jenny are going to demonstrate how to better use Office tools to increase impact by using data to track and celebrate activity.

Sign up below and see how far we can walk together.  

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Why I'm doing this:

Information Technology has the potential to revolutionise our lives, enhance our productivity, and reduce our workload, ultimately allowing us to spend more time doing the things we love – spending time with our families, learning new things and getting out into nature. This belief fuels my passion and forms the foundation of my mission.
As an ex-midwife turned MS Teams and SharePoint consultant, I have witnessed firsthand the transformative power of IT, how a few simple skills can make life easier to manage or even take you down a brand new career pathway. My journey has cultivated in me a deep interest in skills training, personal development and productivity hacks, however, I am acutely aware that not everyone has the opportunity to harness this power. This is particularly true for women, who often face barriers in accessing IT education. That’s why, along with Jenny, I am helping launch this initiative to equip busy women with essential IT skills using Microsoft365 as our platform.
I believe in the power of knowledge and the importance of sharing it. I want to empower women to navigate the digital world confidently, to use technology not as a source of stress, but as a tool to improve their lives and their communities.
Join us on this journey, step into the world of data, and let’s harness the power of IT to create a better future.
Walk with us and step into data.

Why I'm doing this:


I am passionate about using Information Technology to to improve our lives, improve our productivity whilst reducing our workload and give us more time with nature.

Computers can easily overwhelm us with great volumes of information and stress us out with constant change.

We can use computers to improve our lives, 

reduce our wasted energy, listen to the voices of more people, track the movements of more things and sense check how people are feeling. 

But this advanced technology is relatively new and it's artificial intelligence is in its infancy.

I am on a mission to to improve our well-being with computers. By stepping into data with our walking challenge you will walk more and work less. If you in an office job the impact will be fast. If you are not office based, this might be the help you need to make the change you desire to see in your industry. 

Walk with us and step into data. 

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