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Power up your data skills

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Building better information systems for your business

ivity training packages build lifelong and transferable data skills.

Whatever software you're using we make your systems deliver more.

Our tested Data Relationship Assessment means we tailor training for your unique challenges.

Our sessions have immediate impact for your current projects.

Access to our resources area means there's always help on hand.

We raise the bar for future expectations.

High Impact Training: sessions tailored to hone particular skills.

High Impact Techniques (HIT): Sessions tailored to build the skills you need.


your improvement plan


HIT sessions are great because people often don't know what they don't know. Generic data skills training tends to have little immediate impact. Our unique strength test allows us to deliver high impact one-to-one sessions that accelerate your results. Read how it works and why it has such a big impact. 

Get an Analyst
Sparring Partner!

for 10 hours

Get an experienced business analyst mentor to take your business intelligence and analytics to another level. We'll sweat your existing technology harder. Read our case studies here.

Sparring Partner!
Independent L&D Project Guide to Support Data and Analytics Adoption
Project Guide to Support Data and Analytics Adoption 

project dependent

Supporting your scaling journey. Our project support raises standards in your internal processes, reporting and communications. We upskill your existing team - helping them to adopt better technology. System design with people at the heart of it. Read our case study.

Data Learning and Development

per 5 members

Data relationship assessments with an achievable plan of activities. Data Academies to supercharge your team's readiness for Business Intelligent opportunities. 

Discover what membership gets you.

Data L&D Partnership
Have you got a data strategy?
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