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The Business Kaleidoscope

When your business outlook is a kaleidoscope of patterns and you’re left wondering what impact work activities are having on business performance, an ivity lens will help bring unique focus.

Using an experienced blend of people and data insights, our services bridge the gaps between senior leadership, system processes and people dynamics.

We are proud to be different.
Here’s how we differ.

The Heart of Communication

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ivity values and respects the importance of every company employee. We recognise that this drives accountability, confidence, structure and a purpose that will positively impact your company’s profitability and efficiency. And we nurture a fun working environment.

People are the heart of your business.

Achieving collective consensus to continuously achieve business goals in an ever changing world is no mean feat.

Your customers own the direction of your business. How you engage with them requires internal excellence, transparency and the thoughtful design of meaningful work for your team.


We listen, we learn, we act. We help you cultivate the culture needed for people to own their contribution to improving the business.

We do this by providing training that removes technical skills barriers and enables people to reach their potential and demonstrate their abilities.

The Heart of Communication
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We cultivate the art of transformation from within the workplace. Our expertise and experience allow you to invest in your team to accelerate data adoption, smart working and ownership of processes.

the ivity ven diagram

Your business and your customers are unique.

So are your business development needs. We do data training differently. We help you identify what sets you apart in your market through the way you communicate internally and externally.

We enable you to facilitate difficult conversations, find deeper understanding, interrogate patterns and influence emerging trends with confidence and kindness.

Enhance Capabilities

Evolutionary Approach

image of butterflies to depict evolutionary appraoch

ivity designs bespoke training schemes to influence and encourage a proactive, sustainable and adaptable way of working.

As your business grows and market forces change, the professional development needs of your people change too.

We ensure that your business capabilities support the growing pains of your business now and in the future  - in addition to helping individuals and teams become agile in their approach to work. We apply new skills to current projects but ensure they are delivered in a very transferable way and last a lifetime.

Evolutionary Approach
Cultivate Culture
image of jigsaw pieces

We help implement a plan, do, review mentality – continuously creating curiosity. This leads to a natural understanding of the business purpose, resulting in collaboration, inclusivity and transparency company-wide.

We believe responsible business is a force for good.


The way people work significantly impacts the trust and joy they experience whilst at work.

Designing information flows to support inclusive, meaningful conversations is essential. Creating safe environments for deep thought, fast action and long-term planning are critical to the future success of your business. Poor systems and poor ways of working lend themselves to blame culture, over-reliance on emails, silos, burnout, high churn of people, and wasted energy and resources.

We help you with your culture blind spots as well as help you to protect what is already special about your business.

People First Approach
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People-First Approach

Through independent people insights and investigation, ivity will design a bespoke learning and development journey that will create a balance between your people and business needs.


Training needs analysis is the easy bit. Removing the skills gaps whilst matching them to the business needs and long term goals requires a different approach.

We help you invest in people realising their potential. Our mentoring, training sessions and knowledge-share approach will adopt technological opportunities delivering an immediate impact to the task in hand..

We will help you achieve the four-day week with improved productivity!

image of stalk devliering a baby

Using a unique process ivity will review and redesign decent jobs with a focus on information management and communication. This will help to improve company retention rates and encourage a positive, goal-driven workplace. We value work, the meaning of work and are thoughtful guardians of the future of work.

The technology that exists serves to help us achieve more in less time.

The beauty of work does not come from the endless efficiency of automation. It comes from leveraging this technology to design great jobs, build great organisations and work in harmony with the natural world.

Decent Jobs
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