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Work is a place where my  activity  is  rewarded 

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ivity makes your existing technology work better for your business

Jenny Barnes delivering a HIT workshop where the wrtiting is on the wall : walk in strong, walk out stronger

ivity addresses four key issues:

#1 How can people use data to work smarter not harder?

#2 What is data literacy and why should you care about it?

#3 How can data literacy improve well-being and reduce stress at work?

#4 Why Excel skills are still the best foundations for improving data quality and encouraging analytics.

Technological change has revolutionised how we communicate at work and at home. Jenny saw
people at the heart of retail businesses struggling to influence and control their systems. So, she set
about creating accessible training.

ivity addresses professional development needs in a way that’s immediately relevant to an individual’s work.

Jenny Barnes founded ivity in 2019 to improve access to data skills for people in the workplace.

After years working in retail businesses at the forefront of technical adoption, Jenny saw few teams getting the most from their technical suite. Capable people were struggling and job hopping – hoping the systems and ways of working were better elsewhere. Churn of people was negatively affecting business relationships and business outcomes. Blame cultures were thriving.

System change has created huge disruption, stress and waste.

But it does not have to be that way.

ivity can transform your business systems using your existing technology

ivity's on a mission to improve data skills in the workplace.

Transparency and well-designed regenerative processes are at the heart of healthy businesses. 

Working with ivity means

Teams that understand and optimise their technical suite

Your people thriving and delivering

Great culture and high retention rates

Strong business confidence

High-performing business relationships

'We live in a digital economy. Business intelligence (BI), artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning are powered by data. Now we must raise standards for data quality. Improving data literacy in your organisation will optimise resource planning and reduce waste. It will allow creativity to thrive.'

Jenny Barnes, Founder

Jenny Barnes spreading the message, yes you can with the right training and support

Jenny gained her data knowledge and people skills working in retail and supply. Her time with businesses leading in data adoption - such as Tesco, Pets at Home and Per-Scent - involved all types of retailers and e-tailers

"Jenny joined my supply planning team at Pets at Home when we had around 100 stores and was promoted within my management team as we rapidly improved supply and grew the number of stores. She brings a wealth of complex supply chain experience to a team and has a consensual management style that enables her to bring her experience into a scaling operation and bring about lasting evolutionary processes. She naturally attracts the support of long-serving members of the team. She is very conscious of bigger picture commercials and employee relations and really excels at helping teams deliver outcomes by utilising information and systems available to them. Jenny will remove barriers whilst upping the achievable performance bar. Her strength is to create visibility and to design ways of being accountable for the business that makes operations a joy to be part of. I cannot wait to see what Jenny's venture brings."

Phil Hackney

Our ethos is walk in strong, walk out stronger

Improved data techniques will help your organisation thrive in the digital world.

ivity has innovative ways to help you advance data skills in your organisation. So you achieve better results.

"ivity helped us to implement an impact tracking toolkit and supported Pearl Consulting in adopting great opportunties presented by an updgraded SharePoint" 

Pearl Consulting

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Your business lens with ivity

Improve data literacy to visualise trends, communicate with insight, plan with creativity. It's more than reporting and analytics - it's the heart of communication.  Our evolutionary approach embraces the power of technology and creates better jobs. 

We do data differently. Find out how we do it. 

IT Does Matter

Information Technology matters to everyone, our planet and for future generations. We live in a digital economy and computerisation has revolutionised how we work and play. We all have a role in data - as creators, guardians, analysts, and consumers of data. Computers have accelerated our collective thinking power. But they've also accelerated waste and burnout. And they've given us different kinds of security risks. It's important that our first computers - our beautiful brains -  are at the heart of system design.


Our #ITMATTERS blog covers all will find content on all kinds of business practice, workplace and system thinking - from building and unlocking your data strategy to unconscious bias. Tip: use the tags to search our blog content.

IT Does Matter
One size does not fit all 

What makes business beautiful is its uniqueness. Generic mass-produced data training doesn't work. Because it doesn't work for the business data enthusiasts at the heart of businesses. What does work is the application of data skills to relevant business challenges. We make sure you know what you are buying into and how are partnership will support your business. Then we create engaging ways for you to work your tech harder. Expect improved results for your business and for the people that are your business. 


We focus on building data techniques using Excel. We do this because there is isn't a system in the world that doesn't support it as upload or download. Excel is a fantastic analytic tool that continuously improves. It's a great starting point for modelling problems and getting a deeper understanding of your business challenges. Before you automate any connecting systems (or invest in Power BI or AI) you need Excel mastery in your business operations and a healthy understanding of your data ecosystem.


Check our packages page to see how we bring data skills mastery to your business operations. 

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Intentional Communications the ivity Way

"I wanted to look at streamlining my systems and making them more effective for my client healthcare records and organisation.

I had a system in mind and Jenny helped navigate me through the system and then added functionality to enable me to collect data for future analysis of my business. Jenny had just the right approach for me, making things easy to understand and her down to earth style really worked to guide me through my system changes. Tech not being my strength this was very important to me to have this approach. Through Jenny's help and expertise I am now operating more effectively and happily in my business. I definitely recommend Jenny for assisting in smarter systems in your business. Thank you Jenny!"

Melanie Parker

Move with Confidence

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