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Do you want to enhance these superpowers in your business portfolio?
  • Transparent, accurate information to support profitable, enjoyable business activities

  • Well-designed data flows to remove the noise of messy data and exhaustive systems

  • More meaningful metrics that push boundaries of performance, facilitate conversations and deliver progressive outcomes.

The impact of neglecting data comprehension skills in your team is weak information practices.

These are the telltale signs to look out for:

  • Mismanaged margins in the planning and operational part of your business

  • Pain and limited value associated with the administrative part of your business

  • No time left in the working week to implement the desired improvements for the future

  • Repeat errors in regular work

  • High people churn in specific roles or functions

  • Too many emails and not enough value from meetings

  • Lack of visibility of which activities are a return on invested energy

  • Fearing a GDPR audit

  • All the right noises but a lack of can-do spirit impacting the evolved way of working

  • Requests for more people and system resources without seeing the business case to justify it

We provide data sensemaking for visibility, transparency and progressive outcomes. Be informed, build trust, put your energy where it matters most. We do data differently. Here's why:

The technology that we use to communicate continues to evolve very rapidly. Artificial Intelligence and Cloud technologies are industrial opportunities that are just emerging. If you consider the evolutionary time span of this technology, it is a pinprick in time. The flow of information this tech has enabled in our lives is life-changing. We are creating data in our daily lives that feed systems that are influencing our thinking. The need for nurturing data comprehension inside and outside of business is key to profitable progress and well-being. Data comprehension skills are business-wide communication skills and you need them for resilience to survive, let alone thrive, in the hectic speed of activities, enabled by this technology. ivity is increasing access to data skills on demand. We don't sideline your current team or sell you new systems. We supercharge your activity by bringing our experience to your current plans and devising bespoke training plans to inject the higher-level data comprehension skills needed to communicate, prioritise, and manage well in the digital age.  

Why we do it...

Employees' data influencing skills have lagged behind the digital disruption at work. People in operations and sales are frequently underutilising their existing systems, in an era when customer expectations to record real-time metrics are increasingly high. People need better data skills in this digital era, we provide access to these skills on demand so that teams can raise the bar.

The absence of these skills is causing chaotic work processes and killing the joy in work. Transformation projects are notoriously over-promising and underdelivering. The reason for this is the projects don't take the entire team on the visionary journey of adopting tech advances. This is where ivity differs. We supercharge your existing team's activities. Our immersive training is enjoyable, immediately applicable to the job in hand, and creates the environment of relevant learning, knowledge sharing, fun in problem-solving and we're on hand afterwards as life-time partners. The ivity experience is designed to delight you.

Where we have done it before...

Our highly skilled business advisers have acquired and honed their data and supply chain skills working with Tesco, Pets At Home, Amazon, Asda to mention but a few.  They have a breadth of experience in all aspects of supply chain from global imports and exports, e-commerce and manufacturing to supplier fulfilled distribution. They have a wealth of experience leading system implementation projects and developing information technology requirements for growing businesses.  We have successfully and happily engaged teams in adopting new smarter way of working, whilst making big data a big asset. We enjoy working with people and data to create progress. Our values: enjoy work, keep it meaningful, keep learning, have a laugh. People over process. 

Are you feeling the impact of weak information practices?