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Motivation, drive and success. Work is a valuable part of our identity. Create a buzzing hive of work activity that is profitable, kind and tech savvy for your team here.

Case Studies, testimonials and career conversations. Articles about creating learning cultures, sharing knowledge and all things important here. 

At ivity we design tailored packages to facilitate training needs analysis to help bridge the gap between senior leadership, system processes and people dynamics. Here is what we offer.

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"I wanted to look at streamlining my systems and making them more effective for my client healthcare records and organisation.

I had a system in mind and Jenny helped navigate me through the system and then added functionality to enable me to collect data for future analysis of my business. Jenny had just the right approach for me, making things easy to understand and her down to earth style really worked to guide me through my system changes. Tech not being my strength this was very important to me to have this approach. Through Jenny's help and expertise I am now operating more effectively and happily in my business. I definitely recommend Jenny for assisting in smarter systems in your business. Thank you Jenny!"

Melanie Parker

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