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High-impact techniques (HIT) - Data training

Updated: Jan 11

HIT delivers a short one-to-one session with a personal trainer to address your current data needs and get you fast results.

We start by finding out about you and your unique data needs with a Strength Survey. This £45 no obligation survey is assessed by a human and you get a full report on what techniques to enhance. Should you want one to one help in person support to help you hone these skills session start from £50 per hour for in person HIT training.

What are the benefits of the Strength Survey?

It helps inform your professional development plan by considering how data skills will contribute to your career development. It gives you something tangible you can use to get your line manager to recognise and sponsor your training needs. You’ll have something to benchmark your progress against. You can address gaps in your CV and gain the confidence to apply for jobs with more technically progressive employers.

You’ll receive targeted help, because we can accurately assess your training needs.

We’ll devise a personalised high-impact session that gives you the data skills you need to progress.

High-impact data skills training (HIT)

We deliver the skills session using Excel. It’s a powerful analytics tool and there isn’t a system in the world that doesn’t upload from it or download to it. That makes it a great place to learn and develop data skills.

The HIT sessions are great because people don't know what they don't know. Generic data skills training tends to have little immediate impact.

We ensure the data skills we teach are meaningful, applicable and transferable to real scenarios.

In the digital economy, data skills are life skills.

Lady standing in front of an internal wall that has the message walk in strong, walk out stronger on it


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