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Unsure how to motivate your employees to improve their work routines?

Updated: Jun 28, 2022

Help your whole team to drive, own, and embrace better ways of working.

deflated feeling, going nowhere,
Deflated by a lack of progress, but you know the wheels need a service?

Is your business experiencing these common workflow issues?

  • Your business is growing rapidly. Your loyal junior staff are following the same workflow processes as two years ago, but you’re selling on many more platforms to many more customers.

  • Expectations have changed, but processes haven’t.

  • Team members are firefighting and don’t have time to review and simplify processes.

  • Everyone can find time to point out flaws in others and the systems, but no one’s proposing solutions.

  • Your junior staff are following processes because that’s the way they’ve always been done.

  • It’s affecting customer service.

  • New recruits are mystified, but don’t feel they can challenge the status quo – so they leave.

  • You want to retain your current team, but you need them to step up and grow with you.

How ivity training sessions develop skills and confidence

  • We start by understanding the unique challenges faced by your company.

  • We create bespoke skills training, that will help delegates with their current projects.

  • These valuable skills are transferable to future projects, throughout their careers.

  • We give delegates the technical and project communication skills to solve challenges themselves.

  • Your people gain confidence and motivation to use these new skills to work smarter.

  • Communication is a core skill – even in our most technical training packages.

  • Your teams take away reflective practice to further develop their confidence to create positive change.

  • ivity days kick-start confidence to learn and encourage self-ownership of professional development.

Work Evolution, change
With growth comes change, people, process and places. We are here to help you look after you skills environment so that everyone can spread their wings


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