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Jenny Barnes – Supply Chain Information Specialist

A friendly face helping people enjoy computer technology in their work and supporting businesses to do their thing well.

✔ Healthy business systems

✔ Human-centred digital adoption

✔ Tech for good

✔ Making time for nature

How I got into data tech

The year was 2001 and the Nokia 3310 was the most adopted advanced communication tool. The geographical information systems in the sky were a mystery to most. And the chunky tech around us seemed much more than ten years away from technological revolution. I was studying geography and hoping to learn more of the world and its natural and social processes. I never imagined those new processes would grant me an app on my phone that would deliver a McDonald’s meal to my door. Or that I’d be able to binge watch TV on that phone while I waited for the delivery.

A technology enthusiast, I wanted to work with businesses leading digital adoption in the workplace. Technological advances were promising to change the way we work. It was the endless possibilities these changes brought – in an increasingly connected world – that I found exciting. I was at the planning table. I was directing the flow of goods through automated warehouses and powering global supply chains with intelligent decision-making.

I developed my people and technical skills over 15 years – leading projects in end-to-end buying and merchandise planning for Tesco, Pets at Home and Per-scent. An MA in human resource management helped me build high-performing and resilient teams. I’ve been involved in the implementation of Oracle, SAP, Navision, SharePoint and other forecasting software. And it’s never the computers that deliver results. It’s the people that use them to plan better results.

Here I found my forte – balancing the need to advance technology with useful data adoption. Joint business planning is key to building lasting supplier relationships. I found I could advance workplace analytics. This allowed businesses to plan better. They reduced waste (including wasted human energy). And they delivered better business results for the customer and the bottom line.

It’s time for all business partners to have data that enables them to analyse, plan and do better.

How ivity makes an impact

I work with change specialists in a wide range of sectors – from farming to global

logistics. And I partner with experts at the forefront of technology and business support.

I designed a business that would support organisations. Helping them address productivity gaps between senior leadership, system processes and people dynamics.

It’s a special blend of people and data insights that helps businesses to invest effectively in data skills.

The data training provided is accessible and relevant. No ‘just in case’ training that’s unneeded and goes unused. It’s highly relevant and valuable, so it can bring immediate change in your organisation.

ivity uses a unique method to identify training needs and meet them quickly. This means more people improving data quality and realising the benefits.

When I’m not working

I’m out walking and talking – preferably on routes that go from urban to greenbelt. Or coastal walks (this industrious Mancunian needs an annual top up from the sea’s energy).

Live music plays a big part in my downtime. I’m married to a musician, so there’s always a gig at home. I’m happier in the audience than on a stage. My blog is my platform and it’s where I wax lyrical.

I channel my inner activist through voluntary roles. And I currently volunteer for the Community Rail Network promoting sustainable travel.


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