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Business insight informs your strategy to build a better business

Updated: Jul 1, 2022

Help your team to combine data and analysis to understand your business better.

Team having a meeting, all members with laptops, whist one presents
So much information to access and make sense of. Make it meaningful to your operations.

Is your business experiencing these common symptoms of analysis paralysis?

  • Sales patterns and marketing information are growing in complexity and you're struggling to plan, do and review.

  • Too many metrics to measure and read. You’ve paid for access to them, but you’re not clear what to do with this data.

  • You feel a long way from insight or intelligence that’ll drive better decision making.

  • You need more people to recognise the value of the data and they need better data management skills.

  • You need a team that can group the data to make it meaningful and use it to improve business performance.

How ivity training sessions develop skills and confidence

  • We help your people create trackers and tools that work for your unique business. Your marketers, supply chain planners, sales teams, and budding analysts will share data with deeper insight.

  • We challenge delegates to think differently about data and how to use it to achieve your business goals.

  • We help you organise data into meaningful information.

  • We help you deliver it in a sustainable, informative and manageable way.

  • Our training courses are tailored to address your business needs. Discovery days help us understand your business. Then we design training to get your current projects moving.

  • Delegates develop transferable skills and recognise how to apply them to other projects.

  • Data skills are lifelong skills when they are delivered the ivity way


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