Marcia - Cosmetic tattoo clinic  

"Jenny was recommended to me several months ago via a mutual friend. 


My knowledge of my database and how to utilise it to its full potential was very limited. After two short coaching sessions with Jenny I now feel more confident and realise the importance of using the information correctly and efficiently for my business growth.

Jenny was very friendly and made the process user-friendly and simple for me to understand.


Jenny is clearly an expert in her field and would recommend her whether you are an individual or corporate business"

Ian Cartwright - Per-Scent 

"Business intelligence is only as good as the individual cutting the data, Jennifer’s ability to take raw data and make it meaningful and insightful is exceptional and second to none.

Jennifer’s ability to improve complex business processes is outstanding. Even more astonishing is how the user interacts and engages with these processes afterwards. Her enthusiasm, energy and passion for delivering results and bringing teams closer together are unparalleled”

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Zoe Dunn - Pets at Home 

'I had the pleasure of working with Jenny in Pets at Home for six years (2010 - 2016). Jenny is highly skilled in understanding and analysing data. While at Pets at Home, she provided efficient methods of data analysis for the team, saving significant manhours and creating meaningful output that helped speed up decision making. Jenny has a eye for detail, taking complication out for the user and providing easy to understand reports. I cannot recommend her highly enough."

Felicity Marsden - Taylor Rose Solicitors

"In the early days, when our office juniors were learning the ropes and the senior team were working around the clock getting and doing business, we encountered growing pains establishing back office routines. Namely, costing up services accurately!  We had no idea that we could get support from a spreadsheet. Jenny took a complicated brief of variables, prices and rates applicable and developed a calculator that did not look like a spreadsheet, which helped the team understand and accurately cost services. It was a pivotal revelation to the skills we needed in a law firm"

Rachael Forster - Arbor Education Partners

"Jenny spent 30 minutes sharpening up my sales analysis so that I could report on metrics I couldn't before, since then I've been able to track and improve these areas, bringing in more business. She's trimmed hours off my sales reporting too!"