You're invited to Fika on Fridays

I'm not one for titles but my Swedish friends and neighbours jovially assigned me two that I am super proud of, the Swedish ambassador of Cheshire and the Queen of Halloween.

Over the past four years, the Bergboms have introduced a whole lot of lagom approaches to the way we live. Through our celebration of Swedish Crayfish Festival and Midsomer Parties we have put lagom, which is the Swedish art of balanced living, into practice with or own little traditions of bubble Fridays and can go from gardening party to full scale street party within the hour.

When I set out on my mission to do data differently, I made a couple of promises to my early supporters. First, that I would make data fun, and second that I would do my bit to make workplaces better places by helping people enjoy working with their data. Fika seems like the perfect way to do this.

What is fika?

Fika is a legitimate reason to take a break and change up the conversation from the task in hand, it serves as a social way to connect and be truly present with your colleagues. It traditionally includes coffee and cinnamon bun and its proven to be good for business.

Me doing a 5 minute data demonstration does not really sit well with the idea of unplugging but what my five minutes demo's will do, is serve as way for you to kick start a fika culture in your work and the demos are designed to save your team time in the future so you will have more time to enjoy coffee and cake.

After the demo I'll be around to chew the fat on absolutely anything and let the conversation flow, and I wont be offended if you dial out because you have used the demo to to kick start fika in your own immediate work team.

The lagom principles of not too little, not too much, just right, absolutely translates to data. We live in a world where every digital interaction creates data but some of the most indicative things in business and the society are not getting comprehended with impact and speed for people to shape the outcome.

Join this linkedin group to receive the links for Fika Fridays where you will witness delightful data techniques in sparking spreadsheets that will enlighten you to what is possible within Excel and Google sheet. There is also the recipe for cinnamon buns.

If you need reminding of a Excel data technique long forgotten, please don't hesitate to request a demo and challenge me to demo it differently - I will accept the challenge.

We had our inaugural fika and data demo with Jenny on Friday 11th September 2020 and this is what people said:

"Wow I've received spreadsheets every day of my working life and you just would not know these helpful functions exist." Lucy M

"This is so refreshing to have a legitimate reason to take a break but still be being productive." Laura M

One conversation at a time, lets dial up the dialogue. #Betheripple

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