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Video Editing and Media Skills

The creative industry is up in arms about generative AI. There is a meme being shared by branding gurus that the humans of marketing don't need to worry about their jobs because they have a long history of working with creative briefs from industry and they know organisations will not be able to prompt the computer to get an emotionally-charged, brand-representative output that strikes a chord with mass appeal.

I get it and I agree with them. Organisations of all shapes and sizes need external support to bring their emotions out in their marketing campaigns because external eyes have a different perspective to internal eyes and your customers are external. But in the meantime do we all need to power-up our video editing skills? For internal communications, for training videos on business specific processes, for creating briefs that allow the marketing agencies to hit the ground running?

Advances in technology have democratised access to high quality editing tools. And once you are hooked on the free version, the price frameworks for pro are more affordable than ever.

I have used a free version of CapCut in this video to overlay some photos I've taken whilst out and about in Manchester and London. The audio has not been mastered and it is thrown together but it is a fun tool and I wanted to share a little video that demonstrates how accessible this is for having fun with photos.

Image Credit to: Throwback to Afflecks stairs, the writing on the wall at Black Sheep Coffee Shop London, happiness cheat codes courtesy of the We Move Be Free x Faye Bate book I picked up at Shantanu Kundu community awards night, Music by the Longsands.


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