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Are you unlocking potential by growing your junior talent?

Updated: Jun 28, 2022

Find the right support by investing in training that will boost long-term skills.

Girl biting her pencil and staring at a screen.
Talented. Capable. Lost. Overwhelmed.

Is your business experiencing these workforce issues?

  • The digital data revolution is here and the management of the data processes needs to evolve.

  • High error rates.

  • You need more assertive admin support team members, who can support and grow with your business.

  • Your ERP / CRM tools are not delivering their return on investment.

  • Your junior admin staff are not progressing in your company and you’ve got a high churn rate. They’re not seeing the value they can add to your business.

  • You want the best business administrators – as it’s a critical business function – and you need an injection of different thinking and advanced skills.

How ivity training sessions develop skills and confidence

  • We provide data and analytical skills that revolutionise work processes. Delegates learn how to offer exceptional business administration for your sales team.

  • We change perceptions of the value added within these junior roles. Juniors become critical members of your team. Their attitude to the value they add improves with improved recognition. With the right tools they enjoy their role as the gatekeepers of management information systems.

  • Our courses cover a mix of technical, cognitive and interpersonal skills. Communication is key.

  • Delegates get an appetite for learning and progression. They gain the skills to identify time savings and influence systems. Tasks become less repetitive and more about adding value to business operations.


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