It's official, I've got the badge and I am AGILE

When I entered the 'Change' scene in Manchester 2019 the first event I attended was a wonderful panel discussion hosted in a swanky sky-high office overlooking the city The panel was hosting an Agile debate and the technical professionals in the audience were lively, interacting and sharing their pro and cons. Scrums, Kanbans and the merging of frameworks were debated and divided opinions.

There was however consensus in the room on one thing -  the missing partners in the room held the key to improving project delivery. Namely senior operational management and HR. HR was named and shamed for recruiting against a growing list of technical qualifications that could be purchased and gained overnight without true experience and not really understanding the person and job needs. Cofusion, disillusion, and the promise of a magic bullet were pointed to as the route cause of projects going over budget and deadlines and being truly disruptive.

I am convinced that the first business change project I ever worked on back in 2007 was delivered and designed in the agile framework but it was in a much simpler world then and business practitioners weren't aware we following and framework. The thought given to organisation setup and communication was so human-centered we were agile by design.  

When I was invited by The Fantastic Thinking Company to test their Agile Training course, I bit their hand off. I am now pleased to say I am a founding member of the Agile Business Community and there is a movement brewing where people are not bugs. Steve and Lynzi have bought to life the importance of the Agile Manifesto and how it can be applied to all things. I  highly recommend their course. 

Jen has been at in again, buzzing about data and spreading awareness and top tips on how to embed a data culture. Catch up by following the link:

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removing barriers to excel 

Machinery is only useful if you are given the opportunity to learn how to operate it.  

On our mission to increase access to workplace learning in the data literacy space, we have launched ivity beehive sessions for pushing the dial on your business performance using Mircosoft Excel. The strategies in Excel are fully transferable to all modern database models.

We don't do generic training, so how have we made high impact training sessions that strengthen the individual? Well, we have designed an assessment booking form that pinpoints exactly where to pitch an in-person session to push your knowledge, skills, and information design thinking.

Watch our taster sessions on what to expect:

Spreadsheet Rules - learn what there is to love about Excel

Organising and Making Data Meaningful - don't drown in data and unsustainable data processing. Keep it real.

Tracking and Tracing  - there is no going back to basics, we live in a complex digital world. As you grow and your activities scale, data touchpoints will evolve. Stay connected and make waves using data.


Pivot with Precision - because every advanced data user and analyst needs a master to spar with to keep them advancing. If you only do what has been done before, you will only achieve what you have achieved to date.

We pride ourselves on ensuring that ivity data training is progressive, relevant, and super engaging. 

Transforming your relationship with data  - making information pack a punch.

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The Disrupt HR Manchester 05 Ignite talks are now online   

On the eve of the Covid-19 UK mad world, sometime after the introduction of elbow bumping and before the toilet roll madness,  Jenny tip-toed into the HR community to ask everyone to entertain just how pivotal data literacy skills and system thinking is for everyone living and working in our digital ecosystem. 

Louisa Scanlan introduced Jen on stage: "Jenny now identifies as a data scientist, but it has not always been that way. She has been a merchandiser, a supply planner and a category analyst. Her rewarding career to date, she attributes to her data literacy training amongst other opportunities to learn at work. In this digital era, data literacy is the biggest skills gap in business, and she has been moved to do something about it. As a firm champion of data for good and people first business she now helps people make their systems work to service their creativity, activity and productivity."

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1st May 2020 Jenny speaks at the Alliance Manchester Business School North West Business Breakfast Meetup from the comfort of home. 

Jenny helps kids collect data for dazzling data bases 

Combining Zoom technology with Blue Peter style 'here's one I made earlier' Jen has kickstarted recording and collecting some football skills data, ready to dazzle the kid's teacher with dazzling databases on their return to school. 

Want to join in? 

To make a story with data you need to collect some organized data over a period of time. What you will need is a recording tool -  we created homemade Match Attax cards (pictured alongside 2 official Match Attax for scale) and used 5x football challenges set by Aidan and Dylan in the video to start accumulating data.

Join in our #ivityfootballchallenge on youtube and watch out for Lesson 2:  Storing data for telling a story with it.