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We'll organise a time that works


Manchester, or online

Solving one spreadsheet drama at time

Have your spreadsheets grown arms and legs and started tormenting the team? Not sure who can help, call Jenny!

Solving one spreadsheet drama at time
Solving one spreadsheet drama at time

Time & Location

We'll organise a time that works

Manchester, or online, Manchester, UK

About the event

Leaking, creaking, dodgy spreadsheets cost businesses lots of money and they really take their toll on team members who have to use them.

Jenny is here to help you design better way of working and improve the information in your business. 

Providing hands on  help to make that spreadsheet a little bit more user friendly and give you the details you need​.

​In a fast busy trading environment we tend to make allowances for a margin of error and create workarounds rather than implementing the lasting improvements we desire. Espec​ially when it come​s to fixing data issues. As the business grows so does that ma​rgin of error​ and poor information issues become normalised.​

Jenny is on a mission to help workplacces access support​ and give people the confidence and toolkit to sweat their tech harder so that they can do more of the creative and joyful part of delivering good business outcomes.

How does it work?

​You say you're interested - tell me more by clicking the book now button.

We do some d​ue diligence and then visit on a mutually convenient day. Jenny ​park​s up the mystery van, and we can tackle that drama spreadsheet together​. ​I have a high success rate with helping fix spreadsheet mal-functions on the spot and know all the winning formulas. I'm experienced enough to know when a shortcut really is better option or if it is a sticking plaster that wont last. If I can't fix your support request on the day, you will least get an independant specialist report on what do next​ with refer you to trusted practitioners that can support.

Don't delay,  get in touch today.


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