All packages start with an in-person data relationship examination. This identifies how ivity training can strengthen and energise your business activities.
The learning experience is designed around your business needs to delight your people and have a lasting positive impact on your business activities.
Our training falls into four broad categories:
Data for Excellence in Admin and Planning Roles -  These important roles are often filled by juniors who lack experience but are ready to learn. Give your people the data handling skills they need to thrive working in complex, hectic work environments and they will be able to prioritise their workload, support the business, and create their own manageable productive work. Read more
Business Analyst Mentoring - bridging the gap between drowning in data and driving the business on its purpose.  Read more
Super Slick and Safe Supply Chains  - design the visibility and transparency you need so that you can make your supply standards part of your value proposition. Say no to slavery in your supply chains and the foundations for forecast confidence. Read more
Evolving Business with Wonderful WOW Changes -  implementing a new system or having an efficiency drive? ivity's Data Impact Academy is the perfect way to decrease change resistance to improving the adoption of tech for good. Make your people part of the evolution and accelerate the progress. Don't be fooled by back to basics - we live in a complex digital world and need to make people part of the healthy system with evolving tech. It is the responsibility of employers to provide employees with opportunities to learn and make sense of these systems, it's critical to our well-being.  ivity Training is designed to remove the skills barriers that are preventing your team from making sense of the chaos. If tech support is needed, we have trusted partners! Read more
We are guided by our promises and values and keep good company.
Our Promises
ivity Training is relevant and brings immediate benefits to the job at hand
ivity Training is enjoyable and delegates come away feeling invested in and empowered to achieve better outcomes

ivity Training is the springboard to continuous learning and seeking smarter ways to do things
We are pursuing B-Corp Status 
Our Values
People are the most important resource you invest in.
We treasure learning and the opportunity to learn.
Integrity is everything for us.
Work can and should be rewarding and meaningful.
We value your time, energy and money, and we won't waste them.
Our Trusted Partners  - details coming soon.